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La bottega dell'olio - in Florence since 1999

La bottega dell'olio was founded in 1999, and was the first shop to be totally dedicated to the sale of extra-virgin olive oil. The products today, like in the past, are accurately selected from the finest frantoi, oil mills in Italy. When choosing, particular attention is given to the quality of the raw materials. The excellent quality of our food, attention to design, and the importance of our own well-being and physical beauty: this is the authentic Italian style. And anyone entering our shop is immediately enveloped in this unmistakable atmosphere .



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La Bottega dell'olio is a place where, more than anything else, attention to detail, consideration for fine points, and the love of harmony reign. Consideration and courtesy are the distinctive traits of the proprietor, who is always on hand to advise customers on the correct food combinations, the most practical and elegant proposals for fine dining, and the best beauty solutions. Here, the customer can taste, guided by the competent hand of the proprietor, the best combinations of oil and vinegar for every dish. Each and every purchase is a gift, a special gift for you, the customer, and it will, in fact, be wrapped with extra care, with special attention to detail, and the utmost passion.
Exclusive food specialties from the best frantoii , oil mills, in Italy. Food combinations perfect for the finest cuisine.
Well-made utensils to prepare your favourite dishes. Elegant coordinates and kitchen ware for your table, for you to use every day.
Everything one can desire to make your skin and hair healthy and glowing. Special soaps that are highly nutritional for your skin.


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